Spartek, Pioneers in ceramic floor tiles was the generic name for Floor tiles in India. Spartek Flooring solutions have evolved with the times and is about to usher in a revolution with Spartek Polished Concrete Floors.

Spartek has always been in the forefront in providing innovative Flooring Solutions to Indian Market. In addition to the choice of Tiles for various applications like Indoor, Outdoor and Commercial spaces, Spartek Offers Polished Concrete Floors for Residential, Commercial and Industries alike.

Polished Concrete Floors

Densified parking floors are treated with a specific concrete densifier that fills the pores contributing to smooth aesthetics. These floors change the matrix of the concrete as it reacts with free lime present in the concrete which makes concrete dense and hard. It stops the process of salt formation at the surface, hence no dusting. It hardens, densify, seals and dustproofs the concrete lifetime.

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Industrial Floors

Industrial Concrete Floors with a floor hardener is a technique for flooring in industrial facilities for better characteristics of concrete floors. Polishing industrial concrete flooring is popular because of its vast design options, is easy to maintain and requires minimal maintenance.

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Densified Parking Floors

It is a uniform homogeneous floor with high flatness accuracy. It is designed to create dust free floor and improved floor quality. Densified and Polished Concrete Floor with Spartekoncrete Enhancer offers better Compressive Strength, Tensile Strength and Abrasion Resistance and minimizes the Shrinkage and Floor Wraps.

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Spartek, the pioneers in ceramic floor tiles in India has a wide collection of Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles and Polished Vitrified Tiles for Floors and Walls.

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